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        Gravity Sports is a family owned shop with over 25 years experience in outdoor sports recreation such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, bicycling, and skateboarding. Let us be you’re “one-stop” shop for all gear accessories. With a knowledgeable staff our main goal is to give you the very best experience you can find in Las Vegas. We take pride in our work, absolutely love what we do and want to share that passion along to our customers. Whether it’s tune-ups, repairs, maintenance, rentals, or just providing information, we’re here to help you out. Starting November 2020 we will be doing seasonal leases on ski and snowboard equipment saving our customers a tremendous amount of time, money, and headaches and making it more convenient for all. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook ( #gravitysports702 ) to find out about special promotions, rewards, discounts, and contests.